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Violin Maker and researcher.
He learned the classical method of making violins from Maestro Vittorio Bellarosa in Naples and Maestro Gio Batta Morassi who gave him some precious advices on his frequent visits to Cremona.
He studied the classical books about lutherie and the most significant scientific theories about the physics of the instrument.
He elaborated a personal method of construction meant to make instruments with specific acoustic features that can always be repeated in the entire family of "strings."
He makes violins, violas and cellos that fulfill this aim.
He attends theatres and concert halls, the ideal locations to evaluate instruments acoustically.
Having made many friendships with talented performers, he exchanged informations in order to understand their particular needs.
In 1981 he joined ALI (Italian Luthier Association) that had been recently established.
He won an international quiz contest organized by Arte Liutaria and his work was published in number 2 of the magazine, 1986.

In the years 1995 and 1996, violinists Enkeleida Sheshaj and Adelina Hasani, winners of the international violin competition G.Astarita, were awarded with his violins.
His instruments was played with Stradivari, Amati and Cappa, by solists and principal musicians of important international orhestras.

He is among the Italian Luthiers in the books:
Gualtiero Nicolini-Liutai italiani di ieri e di oggi, Cremona, Ed.Stradivari 1982.
Gualtiero Nicolini-Liutai in Italia dall'ottocento ai giorni nostri, Bologna, Ed.Alberto Perdisa, 2008

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